Keno Online - Easy Way to Win Money

Keno is a lottery casino game, which originated in China. According to the legend, this game saved the country during the war, giving additional funds on the construction of the Great China Wall. Nowadays keno online is played in many playing establishments and gains its popularity among online gamblers.

Keno Online Rules

Online keno games don't differ from land-based casino ones, they have the same rules and odds. And both give an opportunity to spend your time excitingly and with pleasure.

Online Keno Main Goal

A player is given an opportunity to choose between the numbers from 1 to 80. Minimum number is 4, and maximum one is - 10. "Spots" - this is a name for these numbers. After the numbers were chosen, the machine in random order selects 20 numbers. The player may see the result on Keno boards. The main aim of the game is to guess all numbers.

Keno Bets

The players choose betting amount. Wagers are usually low, but the winning payouts can be quite substantial.

Online Keno Payments

The more right numbers were chosen by the player the higher is the payout.

How to Play Online Keno - Buttons

"Bet One" button means that you bet one coin in this game.

"Bet Max" button means that it is allowed to bet 4 coins.

"Increase" button gives an opportunity to enlarge the bet.

"Decrease" button reduces the wager.

Playing Options

After placing the bet and choosing the number you should choose the amount of games you would like to play with these numbers. There are three choices:

  1. Play One
  2. Play Five
  3. Play Ten

Winning numbers will differ in color from the others and you'll be informed about the victory in the left side of the screen.

As you can see the game itself is easy and everything depends on you fortune and intuition. So test yourself and spend the time with pleasure. You can find keno among the large variety of free casino games in the Internet. Wish you good luck!