Roulette Strategy

Problems with Martingale

There are limits on the house tables, so immaterial of the fact that you have tons of money, sooner or later, you just won't be in a position to double the bet. Most of the casinos generally offer range of one dollar to hundred dollars. Always keep in mind ranges of the table while you gaze at our odd charts.

Secondly, it leads to quick betting for high values, all going down to earning mere dollar one. It is true that losing all the bets in row won't happen all the time or frequently, but take the words that it would happen for sure, and you would end up making bets of lot more value than you expected for that one dollar profit.

So if you are thinking of going for this Martingale strategy, you must consider that your bets may go a lot more beyond than you had expected. You also need to realize that it will be totally insane on your part to risk the bet of say more than 500 dollars just for than one dollar profit. It just does not sound practical at all.

Some Positive notes

Coming down the scale you will find that this strategy is pretty useful. For instance, let us limit our bets to a maximum four bets at a stretch. In this particular situation, the chances of you missing those 4 bets at a stretch will be just around 7 percent that implies that the odds of one dollar profit would be a huge 93 percent.

The biggest risk that you could face in this scenario is- you lost the 4th bet with 8 dollars that will put you back to a negative 15 dollars for the next 4 bet sequences. Agreed that it certainly is no fun to go out at 15 dollars, but you should thank you stars that it is not hundred of bucks either that you could have lost. So, as could be seen from the example given, Martingale strategy is all good if you want to limit your bets to max 4. It all becomes a pretty balanced proposition in this condition; you do not stand to lose too big a bet, and winning odds are quite healthy.

Now lets us take a glance into the math. 93 percent of the winning odds imply that out of 100 samples, the profit you will be making is 93 dollars. But the losing chance is around 7 percent which means that considering you lose 15 dollars for every bet, the total amount you could lose is 105 dollars.