Slots Game - the Easiest Game in the World

The motto and the main principle of slots games is "Put you wager, push a button and wait". Everything is easy and understandable, but if you are going to visit casino and try your fortune in slots game, you should find out more information.

First of all, remember slots main terminology to understand the all options of a game properly.

Online Slots Game Vocabulary

  • Arm - special lever, which activates the reel.
  • Bet Max - the slots bet type, which gives players a possibility to make the biggest possible wager. This button appears in land casino slots games and in online variants.
  • Cash-out - the process of removing balances.
  • Combination - line of symbols in online slots games.
  • Jackpot - the biggest possible prize, which casino offers in slots games.
  • Line - a payable series of symbols. Earlier there was only one line on the display and player had to wait until the combination of the same three symbols will appear. And it is considered to be the winning one. Nowadays it is possible to put wagers on any diagonal and horizontal lines.
  • Multi-line Machine - slot machine with many lines, including diagonal.
  • Progressive Jackpot - a sum of money in which the percent of every lost wager is added to cumulative prize fund.
  • Random Number Generator - program that secures random results in slots game.
  • Reel - a cylinder, which spins behind the slot machine.
  • Spin - round of a game.
  • Symbols - pictures, numbers or letters, which appear on the reels. Each symbol and symbols combination has its value.
  • Wild - symbol, which allow player to complete winning combination in some cases, as they can act instead of other symbols.

Kinds of Slots Games

All slot games can be divided into three types:

  1. 3-reel Slots - offer players traditional symbols on the display - bars, fruits, sevens and are similar to natural slots games.
  2. 5-reel Slots offer much more bonuses and winning combinations.
  3. Jackpot Slots variation gives the possibility to win jackpot if the combination of correct jackpot symbols will spin.

Now you know the essential glossary and are familiar with most popular variations of the game, so it's high time to choose the best online casino and learn the rules.

Slots Game Rules

  1. Put in your money. While the software for the game is loading your money are transferred from your account to the slot you are going to play.
  2. Place the wager.
  3. Read the rules and requests written on the control panel.
  4. Push the button "Spin Reels".
  5. Watch the reels and wait till it stops.
  6. In the end of a game push the button "Cash Out" and winning money will be credited on your balance.

It is possible to play slots game for money or for free - it's your right to choose whether you want to win much money or just spent your time with pleasure.