Roulette House Edge

House edge here in Roulette keeps itself different in the sense that, it is dependent on the kind of Roulette wheel it is being played on- whether it is an American wheel or European. As you might be aware of, the American wheel consists of both single and double zeros while the European wheel has just single zero. This minor difference leads to huge difference in house edges in both forms.

The American version will get you house edges at 5.26 percent and in comparison, European wheels have house edge of just 2.7 percent. That is the reason you must select a European wheel to play.

EnPrison Rule

You can then further lessen house edge simply by finding some casino that goes for EnPrison rule. It is a rule that is only for even bets. As the ball comes to zero, you do not lose the bet right away, but the ball gets locked for the following spin. And if you hit the following spin you can take back the ball and if you miss it the bet comes to the house. The EnPrison rule halves house edge by making the even bets into two halves. It is always better to find casinos that still employ this rule.

LaPartage Rule

There's one more rule that is generally offered in French Roulettes, it is called LaPartage rule. It is somewhat like the EnPrison rule. When this rule is engaged, even bets lose just the half of the zero results. So house edge would actually come out to 1.38 percent which is way better than American and European roulettes.

You will be surprised to know that there also are some casinos like Betfair that offer 0 house edges which mean that there would not be any single or double zeros on the wheel. So player will get all the true odds. And this could undoubtedly the best proposition in gambling and hence this one is the perfect roulette game for the players and if you could manage to get a casino with 0 roulette, do look anywhere else.

There are a few more ways to lessen house edge. One can take max advantage of cash backs and casino comps. This holds true especially for online casinos, in which there are a lot many casinos that offer huge cash backs to its players. This in turn reduces its house edge to close to one percent. In the long it really makes a big difference to the expected values.