Terms and conditions

For all online gaming transactions the Casino's software register shall be considered the authorized register. During any instances of any disagreement between the results reflecting in the player's casino online software and the online Casino's server, the results reflecting on the online Casino's server register shall be considered as final and binding. The Company is not in any way liable to settle any amounts owing due to any such mismatch.

In case of any disagreement arising about the player's account, Casino's usage, winning eligibility or any such correlated matter, the final say and decision shall be of the Company. The decision duly taken by the Company would be considered to be applicable to all and the players are bound to agree to the same.

The scheduled time for current spins and tournament plays is not flexible and shall commence and end exactly as per schedule. Under no circumstances shall there be any extension of the spins in progress beyond the scheduled time-limit.

Those players who try to withdraw funds greater than their original purchase amount prior to reaching the eligibility level of play to get bonus shall have their money deposited in their respective accounts automatically. Their accounts may also be restricted for further usage.

The right to provide access to the website lies with the Company. It may grant access of cease access to any individual. This action may either be due to the respective laws of your residential place or due to any other reasons that are classified by the Company.

Any player's account may stand cancelled at any point of time if the Company decides to do so and shall not be held liable for its actions.

The Company has the full right to declare the winnings of any individual as null and void under the following conditions:

  1. If the player has opened multiple accounts on the website or related online casino websites
  2. If the credit card owner's name and the players name who used the card for all financial transactions on the online casino for making purchases does not match.
  3. Any misleading or inaccurate information provided by the player during registration.
  4. If the players profile is not in accordance with the basic terms and conditions listed by the casino
  5. If any other person plays on behalf of the registered player
  6. Participation on an online casino promotion and trying to cash-in before the minimum eligibility criterion is met
  7. Any breach of the terms and conditions listed on the website
  8. Being ascertained as an "abuser"
  9. The Company provides a "welcome bonus" to all its players only once during their entire lifetime as a player. Any forgery by a player to misuse this bonus shall lead freezing of all your winnings. You may withdraw a maximum of $50 if won from a bonus and if you have not made any cash deposit. All winnings that exceed $50 may be removed by the Company if there have been non cash deposits.